A New England Acadian Flag

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Deux Drapeaux - Un Peuple

This image, while moving, only recognizes Acadians as existing in the Maritimes and Louisiana. In fact, Acadians are found in many places and one of the largest concentrations, often forgotten, is in New England. Most of our ancestors came from Canada in the late 19th century, driven by harsh economic conditions at home and lured by promises of steady work in the mills. For more, see Acadians in New England.

It's time for a new flag. The Acadian tricolor was adopted in 1884 at the National Congress in Miscouche; the flag of "Acadiana" in Louisiana was created in 1965 by Prof. Thomas J. Arceneaux. My design for a New England Acadian flag combines the Acadian flag with the 17th/18th century flag of New England (click on image to the right for a larger version in PNG format). During the 2004 Congrès Mondial Acadian I wore a home-made t-shirt featuring all three flags, as in the example below (again, click for PNG file). The New England Acadians who saw me wearing it at Grand-Pré on August 13 were quite enthusiastic. Before a talk by Lucie LeBlanc Consentino on our New England Acadian Heritage we convened an impromptu Society of New England Acadians and officially adopted it.

I've done something a little different with the graphics for this webpage, both in the banner at the top of the page and on the main page: I've made both the Acadiana and the New England Acadian flag smaller. I'd like to see these as regional flags flying alongside and under the national banner of 1884.

Please feel free to use these designs on your webpage or on any t-shirts. You may also purchase Acadians of New England merchandise with this design at my on-line store.

I've also included a couple of other flags associated with Quebec. The Flag of Quebec was only adopted in its present form in 1948. A banner displayed in 1848 was said to have been carried by Montcalm at Carillon (Ticonderoga); it featured Our Lady surrounded by four angled fleur-de-lis. A variation of the Carillon design appeared in 1902, and the following year a version with the Sacred Heart in the center was adopted as the flag of French Canadians by several assemblies. 

Acadian Flag, 1884

Acadiana Flag, 1965

New England Acadian Flag, 2004

New England Flag, ca. 1775
Carillon Banner, 1848

Carillon Flag, 1902

Carillon-Sacred Heart Flag, 1903

Quebec Flag, 1948

Flag animations created using Pegtop Flagimation (registered).